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- 10-in-1 electronic ignition gas soldering iron with automatic ignition function,
- With lighter gas-to-energy, compact and easy to carry,
- You can switch to a different connector into welding, soldering iron and other features!
- Is the most weak DIY soldering tool engineers!
Pen style design is unique and elegant.
High capacity and excellent performance.
With autoignition function for convenient use.
Compact size, lightweight and portable to carry.
Use gas as its power without voltage and wire limitation.
Without location limitation.
Can be used as ordinary soldering iron, heat gun or flame gun, very practical.
Transparent design make you have easy access to inside gas.
Name: 10 in 1 Butane Gas Soldering Iron Set
Material: Plastic handle
Size:  3 * 23cm
Case Size: 24.5 * 13 * 5.5cm
Color: Grey + Black
Material: Plastic
Filling Capacity: 26ml
Flame Temperature: 1300°C
Solder Iron Temperature: 450°C
Hot Blast Temperature: 500°C
Use Time: 30-40 Minutes
1. Relaxation corroded metal screw kit heated Research Laboratory
Kitchen baking tool factory equipment maintenance
2. Welding cars, trucks, aviation repair repair hydropower project
3. Electrical appliances, electrical control box repair welding
4. Wire circuit board repair welding IC board welding repairs
Home field line multi-use welding repair
5. Component welding
6. Jewelry, Eyewear plastic cutting maintenance industry

The product is not filled with gas yet, please refill it before use.
It's not used by open fire.
Please allow a slight error due to manual measurements, thank you!
Package includes: 
1 x Blow Torch
1 x Soldering Tip
1 x Hot Knife Tip
1 x Needle Point Tip
1 x Double Edge Tip
1 x Engraving Tip
1 x Scoop
1 x Case
1 x Resin Core Solder
1 x Cleaning Sponge + Tray + Stand
1 x Manual

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