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Air Wedge Auto Entry Tool Professional Lock Pick Set Car Door Opener The pump wedge is an inflatable wedge which made of heavy duty non-marring vinyl material.
Other uses may also include door and safe installations for leveling or holding in place while installation is being done.
There is a hard stiff plastic insert inside the wedge, this makes the wedge a breeze to insert in door.The Air Wedge slides between the vehicle door and the weather stripping on the door frame, then the pump is squeezed, inflating the Air Pump Wedge and separating the vehicle door from the frame.
The pump wedge is the ideal car open tool for firemen, other emergency personnel, as well as repo people, wrecker drivers, auto repair shops and car dealers.Note : Don't inflate excessively when operate, after being proped up, let the air out. Then put the triangle block.

Package included :

1 x Air Wedge Auto Entry Tools 


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