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Product Description:
Material: Alloy steel
Color: Black
Quantity: 50pcs
● Easy to use.
● Practical and long life.
● At home, using a hammer, you can punch
● Sharp and simple
Application:Holster Piercing
How to use? (Instructions)
Using a hammer that is commonly used in the home, the hole puncher is placed on the holster to make a hole. Holster punching machine is also available.
Package include:
●50 x 50 shaped hole hollow (except accessories not included)
●1 x plastic box
Warning: Please pay attention to the following to be thick solid wood board (not padded plywood), thick plastic plates and other things that can buffer pressure protection punch, please do not directly on the ground, tiles, tiles used to protect the blade will not cause Hit a hard object and get hurt so that it will not be polished away from sharp round parts.

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