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Material: Metal
Model: 1 Prong/2 Prong/4 Prong/ 6 Prong
Quantity: 1Set (4pcs)
Spacing: 3mm
Thickness: 0.4cm / 0.15"

1 Prong: Whole length:9.8cm/3.8"
Prong length: 0.8cm/0.31"
Thickness: 0.4cm/0.15"

2 Prong: Whole length:10cm/3.9"
Prong length: 0.8cm/0.31"
Thickness: 0.4cm/0.15"

4 Prong: Whole length:10.4cm/4"
Prong length:0.8cm/0.31"
Thickness: 0.4cm/0.15"

6 Prong: Whole length:10cm/3.9"
Prong length:0.8cm/0.31"


- 3mm Leather craft tools hole punches stitching punch tool.
- Single tooth is used to make a right angle corner position, two teeth are used to playing corner location hole, porous is playing straight holes.
- 1 tooth Ling cut is mainly used right-angle turn to play a single hole of places!
- 2 tooth Ling cut is used for corner curve typically used to need to play two holes, or hit the small leather!
- 4 tooth for straight line, the most widely used!
- 6 teeth for use when playing a long straight line, what can play six holes, very convenience.


Before perforated place a leather plastic sheet or mat under the rubber pads to protect sharp cut will not tie to a desktop or other hard objects and injuries.
When drilling diamond cut must be perpendicular to the leather, to prevent tilting interrupted cut diamond cut teeth.

Package includes:

1 x Hole Punch Tools Set 


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